What’s In Your Cup?


Living in NYC, it has been beaten into our heads as parents and consumers that soda is a major factor contributing to obesity, diabetes, and cavities. Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on large fountain drinks in NYC is a perfect example of the attention and press these drinks have recently gotten. What many parents don’t realize is that although soda has major effects on the teeth, so do many other children’s drinks.

Juices, fitness waters, and sports drinks are all high in sugars and many are also high in acid levels. This is a dangerous combination for the oral cavity as it promotes an environment perfect to breed cavities. It is amazing how many common drinks are almost as acidic as battery acid!

This was taken from the Indiana Dental Association’s website. We highlighted some of the most common drinks our patients enjoy, check it out:

Drink or Substance (12 oz. serving) Acid pH Tsp. Sugar
Water 7.0 (neutral) 0
Milk 6.7 1
Barq’s Root Beer 4 11
Minute Maid® Orange Juice 3.8 9
Propel® Fitness Water 3.4 1
Red Bull® Energy Drink 3.3 10
Sprite® 3.3 10
Mountain Dew 3.3 12
Diet Coke 3.1 0
Sierra Mist 3.1 10
Full Throttle Energy Drink 3 11
Diet Pepsi 3 0
Gatorade® 2.9 5
Sunkist® Orange Soda 2.9 13
Dr. Pepper 2.9 10
Vault™ Energy Soda 2.9 12
Mountain Dew AMP1 2.8 11
SoBe Energy Citrus 2.6 12
Minute Maid® Lemonade 2.6 10
Pepsi 2.5 11
Diet Schweppes Tonic Water 2.5 0
Coca-Cola Classic2 2.4 10
Battery Acid3 1 0


Although it is boring, this shows us that water has no sugar and has a completely neutral pH. It is the absolute best beverage to offer not only our children, but also ourselves.