The Juice on Juice


We have a significant number of patients who drink juice daily. A lot of our parents and caregivers are under the impression that if the juice given is organic or has “no added sugar” it is ok for kids to drink. Unfortunately, these tasty and sweet drinks can do significant harm to the tooth structure. Juice compromises the tooth in two different ways leading to cavities. First, juice is very acidic and lowers the oral pH. This leads to erosion of the outer layer of the tooth (enamel) and over time, a demineralization of the tissue. Second, juice is high in sugar. So while the outer layer of the tooth is already weakened from the acid attack mentioned above, the high sugar content found in the juice will promote an attack of oral bacteria to promote cavities.

The healthiest drink children should consume on a daily basis is plain water. Obviously, everyone deserves a treat for special occasions. We recognize that cutting out all fun foods from the diet isn’t realistic and kids need to be kids! Just use in serious moderation!

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