The Frequent Snacker


We have talked before about some of the different risk factors for getting cavities. In addition to consuming foods that are obviously high in sugar and acid values, the frequency with which we eat can also increase the chance for disease.

Let me explain what happens…every time we eat something, the bacteria in our mouth also gets to eat. And, obviously, they eat the same food we do! As a result of the bacteria eating, the pH in the mouth changes and becomes more acidic, promoting cavities. It takes between 30-60 minutes for the mouth to come back to a neutral pH after eating something that is high in fermentable sugars (like soda or candy).

Believe it or not, it actually is better for your child to eat a whole bag of skittles at once rather than to snack on a few pieces at a time throughout the afternoon. Even better than that, allow them to have dessert immediately after lunch or dinner when the pH is already decreased. The fewer times throughout the day that you cause a spike in acid values, the less of a chance you will be causing decay.

File this one away for Halloween!!