Our number one priority as a parents is to keep our children happy and SAFE! We treat every child in our office as though they are our own.  When we recommend x-rays, it is always because the benefit of the radiograph far outways the very minute radiation exposure.  Often times, cavities in between the teeth do not cause pain until they are very large and almost into the nerve.  Our goal is to catch these cavities in an x-ray before they get to this point and need more involved treatment. We also may recommend taking an x-ray to evaluate the child’s tooth and bony development.  Therefore, it is very important for the child’s health that we have a complete picture of his/her situation.  With today’s modern safeguards and equipment, the amount of radiation received in a dental examination is extremely minimal. The implementation of digital radiography in our office further reduces the exposure to a negligible level.

We are happy to add the DenOptix Digital Imaging System to our Practice. This system is a revolutionary new product designed to completely replace traditional x-ray film. It is built on imaging plate technology, which offers diagnostic quality at reduced x-ray exposure to your child by up to 90%.

Here are the top three reasons we only use digital x-rays:

  1. They require LESS RADIATION than conventional radiographs!
  2. Images can be enlarged and shade can be adjusted for optimal viewing and diagnosing.
  3. The image can be sent directly to the computer and viewed immediately.

If you have any questions about dental radiographs, please ask us at your child’s next visit.  We have numerous pieces of literature that support our practice philosophy and will be happy to review them with you.