Is It Time To Whiten?

Arielle BethanyBlog

Something we get asked all the time – especially after a child has just finished with braces or when new teeth are coming into the mouth –“Can we bleach their teeth yet?” You may notice as your child’s new adult teeth are coming in that they look a little different or “more yellow.” Due to the structure of the baby teeth they appear significantly whiter to the eye in comparison to permanent teeth. This is one of the reasons that we typically wait until the child has all of their permanent teeth before we start whitening.

There are a few different types of whitening products – in general we can split them up into over the counter (OTC) and professional products. Although some of these products share active ingredients, the concentrations available and directions for use are different. Some of the advantages of professional whitening products include initial exam to help identify the cause of discoloration, more rapid results, and professional control and soft-tissue protection.

Getting started, the first step is to see your dentist – making sure your teeth are cavity free and your gums are healthy before starting whitening is very important! If any front teeth need fillings it’s recommended to do them before you start whitening since the color of the filling will not change with the whitening products. Also, bleeding gums will cause discomfort when bleaching. Once your dentist gives you a clean bill of health you are ready to whiten!