Along with the sunshine of summer comes Coxsackie season. Most parents have never heard of Coxsackie until one of their children is diagnosed with it at the pediatrician’s office.  What is Coxsackie? The most common form of this virus, Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease is a very common childhood disease that affects kids mostly 5 and under.  It is very contagious!!!! Some signs include irritability, loss of appetite, tiredness, generalized discomfort and a rash.  Intraorally, the Coxsackie virus often presents as yellow ulcers with red halos on the oral tissue and back of the palate.  Hence the name, lesions may also be seen on the hands and feet.  Although, there are times when lesions are only present in the mouth. It is important that parents should still continue to brush their children’s teeth as normal, but once the lesions have resolved, throw out the childs toothbrush and start with a fresh one!

Unfortunately, there aren’t any vaccinations or medications to treat this contagious virus…we just have to let it run its course, palliative care is all we recommend (ie: tylenol for pain).The oral lesions should clear up within two weeks of their initial presentation. Call us with any questions!