Your child’s first tooth is a sign that he/she really is growing up! When that little guy pokes through the gums, the pictures will be absolutely adorable.  Unfortunately, along with all of that extra cuteness may come some uncomfortable and frustrating side effects for your child.  While some children breeze through the teething process without a peep of discomfort, other children’s world can really be rocked with literal growing pains.

The average age an infant begins teething is 6 months and this typically lasts until about two years of age.  Now these are simply averages, meaning that some kids teeth before and some will be late bloomers so don’t worry if your child doesn’t fall exactly in line with these numbers.  Whether your child is an early or late teether, check out some common teething symptoms: drooling, fussiness/crying, excess biting and chewing, changes in eating and sleeping habits, low grade fever (less than 100.5 ‘F), ear pulling and cheek rubbing.

While teething is a natural process, there are some easy and effective methods to relieve your baby’s discomfort. Try rubbing your baby’s gums with a damp washcloth or brushing the gum tissue. You can also chill a teething ring or even a bagel in the freezer to soothe the tissue.

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